Super GG Dot Com Pursuing Expansion in Asia to Support the Global Gaming Industry
Global Publisher, Investment, and Technology Firm Expanding its Presence in Asia - Seeking to Acquire Studios that Promote Innovation and Inclusivity, a global video game publisher, technology, and investment firm, announced that the company is seeking new strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia to further accelerate its expansion through select acquisitions to grow its international portfolio of innovative and inclusive video game studios and publishers. Recently, launched a focused effort to expand its global reach with the goal of securing and promoting a broader range of studios in Europe and the Americas. With that in mind, has now set its sights on Asia to continue that expansion and further diversify its portfolio and reach with a massive range of studios covering everything from PC to mobile.
" publishes outstanding games across all significant modern gaming platforms, but we also invest in upcoming and innovative development studios and technologies," stated Changki Kim, Vice President of SuperGG Com Asia Networks. "Now we are looking to add to our family in Southeast Asia and continue investing in new technologies and creative studios."
Kim recently joined the team, bringing with him more than 24 years of experience in the gaming industry, as well as having a broad and extensive network within Asia. " is armed with a group of experts who can analyze games to find what makes them special, and bring them to a successful launch." He further stated, "The company's unique portfolio of current and future games will not only push to the forefront of publishers in the region but also cement as the company for users to look to when they are looking for great games."
Since 2019 has established a strong presence in Japan, South Korea, and China, forming partnerships with Smilegate STOVE, Intragames Co. Ltd, and Teyon Japan to publish and promote a wide variety of games in these territories. Currently, is working with G1 Playground, a South Korean developer, on the post-apocalyptic survival game Zelter .
"'s unique business model can foster up-and-coming developers with funding, development, and marketing efforts, along with our roll-out model and unparalleled service structures. With our partners in Asia, we unite with the common goal to grow the global industry and change it for the better," added Kim. is led by a seasoned team of executives from the video game industry, global investment banks, and private equity firms. The company publishes award-winning games across multiple genres and invests in upcoming and innovative development studios across the globe. The company's titles include the critical and commercial success , Raji: An Ancient Epic , Retro Machina, which won Best Brazilian Game at this year's Brazil's Independent Games Festival, and Denmark-based Portaplay's title Broken Lines. Recently, invested in Mars Vision, an innovative new application that will allow the visually impaired to play games without the need for modding. The experienced team helps game developers and tech startups all over the world reach their full potential as a one-stop shop with business support, hands-on access to development tools and hardware, development support, hiring support, creative freedom, analytics, localization, quality assurance, and funding.