Each game is a very personal adventure, through
the prism of which talented creators want to share
the most intimate and exciting stories.
into every game they make.
invest a part of themselves
Deadlink is a cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements. You're the first operative to be recruited to the experimental Deadlink project. Pilot
an autonomous combat shell, fighting your way through cramped slums, twisted labs, grimy warehouses, and sleek office buildings on a mission
to thwart the schemes of the most powerful corporations in the world. Wield a deadly arsenal, upgrade your skills and tech, devastate destructible environments, and slash corporate profit margins — all at the same time.
Game developer
Raji: An Anсient Epic is an action-adventure game set in ancient India. Survive the demonic invasion as Raji, a young and agile street performer, who uses the blessings of the gods to unlock mysterious powers and rescue her little brother who has been kidnapped by the forces of evil.
Game developer
Deflector is a high-octane bullet hell roguelite set in a deadly world. Upgrade your characters with the DNA you find, evolve them further during your runs and explore the farthest reaches of this microcosm…
or die trying.
Game developer
The zombie apocalypse is a tough situation to overcome, even if it takes place in a cute pixelated universe! Try to defend your home and save people from the hordes of zombies in this new crafting survival game.
Game developer
An action-adventure game set in fantasy world. Follow the story of Mya, a young alchemist trying to solve the mystery of a forgotten land while searching for her loved ones.
Solve puzzles and fight monsters using the power of alchemy. Combine fire, water, air, earth, and a whole host of different ingredients in your concoctions.
Game developer
An animated action-adventure with an engaging story about regenerating the world by switching between characters, exploring, solving puzzles, and fighting contamination.
In Metaphora, you explore the planet and make the world blossom again in a collaborative way by switching among three types of cute characters, each with unique abilities.
Game developer
Retro Machina is a single-player action game with puzzle elements in a retro-futuristic setting. The game follows the journey of a small robot thrown out of the last perfect city, which is inhabited by machines. Unravel the mysteries of a long forgotten world, the last city, and its inhabitants, both new and ancient; find a way to repair yourself and return home, or use your defect to change the world.
Game developer
Broken Lines is a story-driven tactical RPG set in an alternate-history version of World War II. It is a game about a group of eight soldiers who have crash-landed behind enemy lines. It is up to you to lead them home while fending off the enemy and helping them deal with the horrors of war.
Game developer
Created by a solo developer, Wonhon is a paranormal stealth-action and tactics game about a young Korean girl killed in a military conflict and returned from the dead with supernatural powers to exact revenge for herself and her people.
Game developer
Push and stomp your way to victory in this exciting brawler for friends and family! Choose your fighter and dive into action-packed gameplay with various power-ups and interactive arenas.
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