How Publisher Supports, Mentors, and Nurtures Award-Winning Indie Studios believes in their studios and puts their money — and effort — where their mouth is

When it comes to selecting and supporting indie studios, few publishers put as much care and effort into their actions as Whether assisting with marketing or public relations efforts, or simply providing consistent feedback, the publisher takes the word “Integrity” to heart, especially as one of its primary corporate values. Of course, it’s one thing to hear these words from the company itself, but at the end of the day, the opinions from the studios who have worked with are what matters — so let’s hear what they have to say.

Sean (Seungwhan) Shin is a Korean-Canadian developer based out of British Columbia. worked with Shin to publish his paranormal stealth game Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit — a title steeped in Korean mythology and lore. Shin was introduced to via Nikita Vladimirov's talk at GameDaily Connect 2019, where he pitched his title to the publisher. Throughout the process, Shin was blown away by the constant feedback and support from, and said he felt sincere and genuine enthusiasm from the company — something he felt was lacking in other publishers he spoke with.
“Regular contact and feedback about the game helps a lot. Also, feeling like we're on the same page and brainstorming new ideas together was really great for motivation,” Shin said.
Through regular brainstorming sessions and steady feedback, Shin was able to maintain motivation throughout the arduous process of developing a video game.

The Danish developer began working with after a speed pitching event during DevGamm Minsk. Within three months they had signed with the publisher, citing the “speedy process” as a big factor. worked with PortaPlay on their WWII tactics title Broken Lines, and impressed the developer with their financial muscle and the size and scope with which they utilized it.
“...dependability is the keyword,'' said Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Creative Director of PortaPlay.
PortaPlay came away particularly pleased with the stability and “well-oiled” practices brought to the table, and the lack of back-and-forth regarding deals, deliveries, reports, and payments proved the publisher to be both extremely professional and dependable.

A small studio based in Poland, Gruby Entertainment discovered the old-fashioned way — by crawling through the global publishers list. Up-front communication and clear interest from the publisher were among the initial reasons Gruby chose to partner with, but another key factor was their approach to the collaboration. offers fair terms on the developer-publisher level, which creates a solid development environment for both teams.
Apart from handling the publisher's responsibilities, is engaged in the design process of the game. We are happy to gather feedback and iterate it during development,” said Grzegorz Michalak, Co-founder & Producer at Gruby Entertainment.
Gruby also came away pleased with the publisher's dedication and interest in the creative process. While many publishers are content to simply do their half of the work, likes to be involved and support all aspects of the development process. Detailed feedback combined with up-front, honest, and consistent communication are among the many reasons Gruby walked away very satisfied with their experience working with
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