Deflector - The full release!
After much time spent in development and with contributions from a community of promising test subjects, Deflector is finally released in its full version today. We are beyond grateful for all the players who have been with us throughout Early Access, and we are beyond ecstatic to meet all the players who are going to experience Deflector for the first time!

In Deflector you play as the Specimen, a prototype for an anti-virus weapon meant to engage hostile microorganisms on their scale. Deflector is a top-down roguelite in which, true to its name, you deal with enemy projectiles not only by dodging and striking back, but also by deflecting them back at your foes.

The full release of the game is the result of many updates and expansions, which brings it to the following numbers:

  • SIX playable bio-shells, each armed with their own weapons, means of deflecting projectiles, and unlockable Evolutions that further augment their gameplay. Some bio-shells you will need to unlock by fulfilling certain conditions, but each brings a unique style of play to the table;
  • FOUR biomes, including the Living Entrails, Toxic Sea, Magnetic Fields and Hollow Hive. Each of these biomes is teeming with traps and viruses, not to mention the Great Virus guarding the midpoint of each;
  • FIVE challenging Apex Virus bosses, including the menacing Source standing at the pinnacle of the foes you’ll challenge. If you make it far enough, you might even catch a glimpse of its unexpected origin…

In addition to the above, Deflector adds the Survival Chamber endless mode that comes together with a global leaderboard. And for those looking for additional challenges, Virus Strains allow players to add modifiers to regular runs, forcing them to deal with additional random debuffs in the already familiar biomes.

Although Deflector is now available in its fully released version, that doesn’t mean work on it is finished for good. Balance tweaks and updates will continue and keep Deflector a great game to play.

In the meantime - have a wonderful time in the petri dish, Specimens!