Same great games, brand new name
Since its inception in 2018 has been guided by our core values and our stalwart dedication to helping indie studios bring their imaginative and bold projects to life. Throughout the years we found some things to be immutable, while others warranted positive change and reaffirmation.
Today we are empowered by new owners and choose to change our name, putting a title to the new step of our growth and ambition. We have been all about games, and it makes sense to us that our commitment to games should be solidified in the name we are known by. Our mission is to help our partners create not just good games, but nothing short of Super Good Games. As such, we are now
Moving forward we retain all of the best that we’ve learned and created over the years.
We pride ourselves on our multicultural portfolio of games from developers all around the world: Tilt Pack (Germany); Broken Lines (Denmark); Raji: An Ancient Epic (India); Zelter (Korea); Alchemist Adventure (France); Retro Machina (Brazil); Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit (Canada); Deflector (Spain) and several awesome projects to be announced in the future!
We streamlined our work process, merged the Funding and Publishing entities, adopted the agile business model and became a fully remote-based company, facilitating the comfort, safety, and flexibility of our diverse multi-national team. We see working from home not only as a social and business requirement, but also a manifestation of our responsibility for the environment and commitment to ESG-compliant policies.
We are truly blessed to be able to meet new people, share their perspective and help cultures transcend their geographical boundaries. Hand-in-hand with immensely talented partners and colleagues, we are looking forward to forming new bonds and embracing new opportunities in the future. Know that you can expect Super Good Games from!
Technical note:
- All contacting emails will change as follows (there will be no changes to current usernames): to
- The site domain will be changed from to in the near future
- Our legal name will remain unchanged