to Publish Inaugural Game from Gruby Entertainment
We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Polish independent game development studio Gruby Entertainment. Formed by a team of experienced industry creators and developers, the studio is working on a new, as-yet-unannounced, First-Person Shooter. As part of the cooperative agreement, we will publish the studios’ inaugural game, providing valuable consultation and mentorship throughout the development process as they collaboratively bring the game to worldwide markets.

Founded as a fully remote studio, Gruby Entertainment is composed of technical and programming experts with more than four decades of combined experience in game development. Prior to forming Gruby Entertainment, team members worked on the top-selling Outriders as well as other titles, bringing expertise from both the independent games and the AAA space to the new company. The growing 15 member studio came together with a goal of creating memorable gaming experiences, inviting players to enjoy action-packed hours of solid gameplay accompanied by crucial and meaningful strategy and decision making.

Gruby is currently developing an unannounced first-person shooter. As one of the most popular genres with extensive creative potential that Gruby Entertainment is eager to explore, the studio members have challenged themselves to develop a game that embraces unique gameplay, hardcore mechanics, and distinctive stylized art.

“ has followed a strategy of seeking out gifted developers such as Gruby Entertainment with advanced technical knowledge and providing them with the support they need to make their vision a reality,” commented Anna Grigoreva, Publishing Director, “With their innovative take on video games, we know that their first title will push the genre’s boundaries and provide a rich experience for gamers.”

“’s offer of cooperation has created a great growth environment for our studio,” said Kamil Misiowiec, co-founder of Gruby Entertainment. “We are thrilled to expand our team and knowledge base, and show the world some fresh approach to the action games!”